Curriculum Design + Educational Strategy   VIP Day

Curriculum Design + Educational Strategy VIP Day

How would it feel to take a giant LEAP forward in your Program or Digital Product creation in just ONE DAY?

Have you been stuck in a cycle of creating course content with no clear direction? Or dwelling in the possibilities of what courses, trainings or programs you could create, without ever taking serious action to make it happen?

And you know that with a dose of focused expertise, accountability, support and maybe a little tough love you could get your project wrapped up and ready to deliver to your clients. …..

But instead you just don’t.

You can’t seem to decide what content should be in the course, and what’s too much and should be cut

You’ve got so much knowledge floating around in your brilliant brain that it has you feeling trapped in an endless cycle of creation without actually completing anything

You’re struggling to take ACTION to finalize and publish that program, course, or training

You want to deliver a program that meets your high standards as well as your client’s expectations, but are stuck because you don’t know HOW to design a smart, engaging and valuable course

Well, what if you set aside just one day to get it done with focused expertise right by your side every-step-of-the-way?

A VIP Day is all about you, your biz, your goals and what you need right now to create or refine your program or digital product design.

Imagine you could carve out just one day to dive into your area of expertise with a professional curriculum designer + educational strategist by your side, who will help you shape your ideas and your knowledge in a way that allows you to move forward with clarity and confidence that you’re creating potent learning experiences for your students.

During our time together you get my brain on your project and your business, for a whole day.

Your Curriculum Design + Strategy virtual VIP Day will be the blueprint for the actions you take going forward to create powerful educational strategy and rock solid curriculum design to meet your learners’ needs in a positive way and with long-lasting impact on your business.

Curriculum Design + Strategy VIP is a virtual container to give shape to your brilliance.

This day will charge you into action and bring your genius into the world! So, if you are ready to LEAP forward and make BIG progress in a short amount of time, join me! (Especially if you are tired of DIYing it and feeling unsupported as you figure it all out for yourself.) So, what can we do in just ONE day?:


Complete your course outline in a fraction of the time (+ frustration) you might spend doing it alone


Produce a stellar structure for you to shine online and serve your clients in a bigger way.


Review and uplevel your course design by applying best practices for adult online learners


Custom tailor your course to support your clients and your success


Determine BEST learning activities to meet your course objectives

Dr. Megan Todd is one of the most well-rounded, creative, sharp thinkers I know.  Her breadth of biophysical and socio-cultural knowledge about the human body is remarkable.  As a long-time dedicated practitioner and facilitator of yoga and Pilates her professional credentials are steeped in experience and a genuine passionate motivation for health and well-being. Her theoretical knowledge of fitness and exercise prescriptions comes from a holistic perspective. A vivacious personality, Megan would naturally be a dynamic addition to an educational think tank and/or collaborative project.

Ojeya Cruz Banks, PhD

Choreographer, Dancer and Senior Lecturer, University of Otago

Making this investment in yourself and your courses or programs

will help you to feel…

  • Supported in the process of bringing your work into the world in a BIG way
  • Clear on exactly what you need to do to move forward on this project
  • Motivated to take action because you’re confident in your design + strategy

Whether this sounds like exactly the support you’re looking for or you still have question, let’s spend 20 minutes together to dive into the scope of your curriculum and educational design project and determine whether a VIP Day is the BEST solution for your success right now.

Hi, I’m Dr. Megan Todd and I’m an Intellectual Content Designer + Educational Strategist.

In my work and life, I draw inspiration from the great Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who once proclaimed “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” I work with entrepreneurs, healers, artists and movement-makers who are not waiting around for the arc of the universe to bend.

Instead they are taking it in their own hands. So, if you are doing incredible work and not only have an audacious personal vision for yourself but are committed to a cause even bigger than that, you are in the right place. Because whether your bold vision addresses the transformation of people and their communities through art, health + wellness, spiritual practice, or dismantling oppressive systems and/or internalized privilege, in entrepreneurship you need the Infrastructure of Shine to create a platform for your work.

I help arc benders like you develop your signature program so that you can get your work out into the world in a bigger way.

When you have an optimal framework, the Infrastructure of Shine, for your program or digital product, you can get back to focusing on what you do best, teaching and bringing your expertise to the world.

Curriculum Design + Strategy VIP Day has been created just for you if you:


Want LASER FOCUSED support on a specific project


Need rapid RESULTS


Have a strong sense of your content but struggle to organize it


Need to update existing course curriculum


Are ready to optimize your existing curriculum for adult online learners


Have a launch coming up and need some expert support to get it DONE!

This isn’t for you if:


You would rather keep hanging out in your creative cul-de-sac than bring your genius into the world.


You aren’t ready to invest the time and money. (If this is the case, please check out my free resources)


You’re looking specifically for marketing support and strategy for your course


You aren’t comfortable with technology


You are planning a large teaching experience that needs more in depth support (In which case, please see my Custom offerings)

During our VIP Day we will focus on whatever curriculum and educational design issue is most critical to you first.

This can include clarifying business and course goals, or mapping out your curriculum pathway, or strategically designing and drafting major chunks of your learner-centered program, product or training or identifying next steps and resources. This is YOUR day, so whatever you want to focus on, that is what we will do. Over the follow-up week as questions come up and you digest and fine tune, I am here to support you. This is your week to get highly focused momentum and support and I will provide you with the expert guidance to develop your curriculum project.

Investment: $1997

How your Curriculum Design + Strategy VIP Day Works:


The process starts when you sign up for a consult or the Day.


The above link will take you to my scheduler, where you have the opportunity to tell me about yourself, your project and your biz.


If we decide to work together, you will make your investment and schedule the date.


Once you are all booked into the system for your Curriculum Design + Strategy VIP Day you will receive an email from my team that includes instructions for our virtual meet up, as well as instructions for any Pre-work, delivered in a shared google doc or by email. The pre-work will address whatever project you want to work on during our time together.


3 days (72 hours) prior to our meeting please share your pre-work with me.


On your VIP Day we meet on Skype for two 2.5 hours meeting. (Example: from 9am-11:30 and 12:30-3pm MST AZ). We will have a one hour lunch break. We will spend the day working on whatever you choose.


Over the next week, I invite you to send an email request for editorial revision/comments, questions, feedback or to loop around for adjustments or cheerleading and/or book 45 minute follow-up Skype meeting as well.

I am so very glad that I invested the time and energy to work with Dr. Megan Anne Todd PhD to refine my teacher training.  First, she knows curriculum and how to arrange adult education in an efficient way while also knowing the landscape of yoga and the unique aspects of this field.  We were able to communicate in a shared language which felt safe.  She helped me see the strengths of my training amidst the current plethora of yoga schools. Megan showed me areas where I could improve and helped me make changes that have elevated my training to a new level of professionalism and fun.  I am very excited to teach with these new changes and am very proud of what the training has become, thanks to her fantastic help.  I highly, highly recommend her if you are taking your yoga teacher training seriously.  Her insight will ensure its sustainability.”   
Jeanne Heileman

Founder, Tantra Flow Yoga

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