If you are reading this, then I am guessing that you, like many brilliant creatives and visionary health & wellness experts, are considering (or have considered) creating an online course. And you, my friend, are not alone!

Many creatives, yogis and health & wellness practitioners of all kinds are either:

  • Thinking about creating a online course
  • Currently creating or “trying” to create an online course
  • Have created an online course.

If you have already created an online course, kudos to you! And please be warned, the rest of this blog is aimed at exploring, To create or not to create an online course, that is the question.

Sure, the sales and marketing wisdom tells us, “Yes! Create courses! They are the key to passive income!” And when you listen to these messages circulating on the internet and elsewhere, it can seem like creating online courses is a REALLY good idea for you and your biz….

But, is it?

While creating online courses may be a strategic way to be hands-off in some arenas, as anyone who has actually created a course knows, the course creation, as well as the sales and marketing, are anything but hands-off.

In fact, you may find that online courses require MORE hands-on attention (at certain points) than other aspects of your business. And they may not be the aspects you most want to spend your time doing.

And this is why, it might surprise you to know that while I teach and mentor my peers in Educational Strategy and Online Learning Design, I have discouraged many of them from jumping on the online course creation bus. Why?

Because it did not make sense for how and where they wanted to spend their time in their business. Or they didn’t yet have a level of support that would allow them to focus where they needed/wanted to. And yet for others, creating an online course is/was a key part of building their vision, magnetizing their audience, amplifying their expertise and realizing their goals.

So, before you listen to the “Create an Online Course, make millions” hype I would like to offer,

5 Points to Consider Before Embarking on the Journey of Online Course Creation. Click To Tweet
  1. Clarify your business and legacy goals. What is your North Star vision for your biz and your life? Write it down.
  2. Distinguish  how and where your online course “fits” in your BIG vision. Is it part of a larger course/program? Have you taught this before? Do you already have some content created?
  3. Identify your unique strengths/challenges. Where do you absolutely rock in your business overall and as an online course create-tress, in particular? Where do you need support to build momentum?
  4. Get clear on exactly what you actually want to spend time doing. Identify your daily action heart’s desire. Where do you want to spend your time on a day-to-day? This will help determine if creating an online course really makes sense for you, your vision, and your overall biz or legacy goals.
  5. Map your Money.  Crunch the numbers. What do you need to invest to create the course (time, money, course creation or support, marketing, teaching platform, etc.)? What do you need to make the ROI worth it to you?

Now don’t get me wrong; of course you do not need to have your journey 100% mapped out or clear, but you do want to have an idea of where you are going.

Otherwise, it would be like packing up your house (all the boxes, all the moving and cleaning, loading) and then when the driver asks, “Where to?” you say, “I don’t know.”

The more clear and specific your overall vision,  the better you can map the journey. The more effective your team can help you get there. Whether that is a VA an OBM or your mom and partner….

I hope these 5 points help you answer the question, “To Create or Not to Create an Online Course.”

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