Simple Online Course Design

Simple Online Course Design

Do you want to stop struggling to create your course and instead bring it out into the world with integrity and rock-solid course design?

And do it all with efficiency and ease?

Maybe you’ve got course ideas keeping you up at night, interrupting your meditations and generally trying to push their way out of you and into the world…

But… you’re struggling to make it actually happen. Does this sound familiar?

You’re bursting with your brilliant course idea but you can’t seem to get it out onto virtual paper

You really want your online course to match your in-person energy so students are getting the same experience as they would with you in real life

You would LOVE to have someone guide you in how to organize and simplify your idea so you can GET IT DONE

Imagine you could sit down and riff on your area of expertise with a professional curriculum designer who will help you shape your ideas in a way that creates powerful learning experiences for your students.

Through my signature process, Curriculum Catalyst’s Simple Online Course Design, I will guide and support you to create a structurally sound course curriculum, aka. a blueprint, that includes up to 4 modules of custom crafted classes.

Complete your course outline in a fraction of the time (+ frustration) you might spend trying to DIY it

Produce a stellar structure for you to shine online and serve your clients in a bigger way

Design your course with the knowledge of best practices for adult online learners and custom tailor it to support your clients and your success

Ready to start now?

Hi, I’m Dr. Megan Todd and I’m an Intellectual Content Designer + Educational Strategist.

In my work and life, I draw inspiration from the great Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who once proclaimed “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

I work with entrepreneurs, healers, artists and movement-makers who are not waiting around for the arc of the universe to bend. Instead they are taking it in their own hands.

So, if you are doing incredible work and not only have an audacious personal vision for yourself but are committed to a cause even bigger than that, you are in the right place.

Because whether your bold vision addresses the transformation of people and their communities through art, health + wellness, spiritual practice, or dismantling oppressive systems and/or internalized privilege, in entrepreneurship you need the Infrastructure of Shine to create a platform for your work.

I help arc benders like you develop your signature program so that you can get your work out into the world in a bigger way.

I am so appreciative of the support I have been getting from Megan in helping me not only clarify what it is I want to bring forward but to help me organize my mind and time in a way that utilizes my skills to their best.

Megan is both an inspiration as well as is extremely knowledgeable in curriculum development and online offerings. She brings a bit of play and laughter to some things which in my opinion can be very tedious. I am looking forward to working with Megan for years to come and I highly recommend her.

Brooke Sullivan

e-RYT500, herbal yogini, writer, retreat leader, practitioner/educator of Sri Vidya (ParaYoga) Tantra, The Wild Temple School of Yoga and Herbal Wisdom and The Sage Apprenticeship

You’re solid in your content, but you can’t seem to take your organic teaching genius and apply it to clearly written curriculum. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Curriculum Catalyst’s Simple Online Course Design has been created just for you if:


You are a yogi, creative, and/or a health and wellness professional


You’re creating ONE course (up to 4 Modules)


You just want to get this done faster!


You’re into the DIY-thang but need some expert guidance on curriculum design


You want to make sure you use BEST practices for online learning


You’re having trouble taking your idea(s) and teaching concepts and creating structure(s)

This isn’t for you if:


You’re looking specifically for marketing support and strategy for your course


You aren’t ready to investment both time and money into your course


You would rather keep struggling with this than complete it and bring it out into the world.


You aren’t comfortable with technology


You are planning a large teaching experience that needs more in depth support

Are you ready to finally make the move on your brilliant course idea? Are you ready to finally make the move?

Book now and we’ll dive in.

Dr. Megan Todd is one of the most well-rounded, creative, sharp thinkers I know.  Her breadth of biophysical and socio-cultural knowledge about the human body is remarkable.  As a long-time dedicated practitioner and facilitator of yoga and Pilates her professional credentials are steeped in experience and a genuine passionate motivation for health and well-being. Her theoretical knowledge of fitness and exercise prescriptions comes from a holistic perspective. A vivacious personality, Megan would naturally be a dynamic addition to an educational think tank and/or collaborative project.

Ojeya Cruz Banks, PhD

Choreographer, Dancer and Senior Lecturer, University of Otago

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