As Mercury retrograde casts its influence and the year draws to a close, we enter a time of reflection, completion and planning.

…And many of us are working feverishly this month to bring projects to completion.

For the brilliant Arc Benders that I work with, I have noticed a pattern this past month.

It’s a pattern of tension.

Tension between honoring the beautiful work you do and the need to expand your capacities and structure to make an even bigger impact.

Maybe you have noticed, or experienced this, too?

Sometimes this tension provides a wise invitation to take a break from the forward march of creating + action.

In this case, the act of pausing and listening is vital to assess where you are so that you can align most effectively with where you want to go. This applies whether in life, business or in relation to a specific program or course you are creating or re-creating.

However, sometimes this tension derives from reluctance and fear of change.

It’s comfortable to stay with what you know and actually limit your growth. And believe me, I get it.

But when we stay in fear, we are not serving our purpose (dharma) for ourselves or our students and clients.

So carve out some time to this month to assess, what needs to be:

  • re-imagined?
  • nurtured?
  • removed?
  • re-designed?
  • completed?
  • put into action?

Notice whether you are resonating love, fear, or a distinct mix of both.

Notice whether you need some support and where. (If you do, indulge in some!)

Sometimes support can come in the form of a book, a bath, an EFT session, a meditation, art therapy, or working with a coach, a counselor, or going for a walk with a friend.

Sometimes we might need support to fortify the visions and systems that will ultimately expand our work and make an even bigger impact.

If you are an Arc Bender who is ready to expand your reach with a Signature Program or Certification, I invite you to find out more about getting expert support here or by booking a 15 minute clarity call here.

Arc Benders, this is your invitation to pause, honor your vision and fortify your capacities with self-care and the support you need to thrive in your life and business.


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