It’s not about you. You have probably heard or read this phrase many times. You may have even said it yourself.

And the truth is, when it comes to educational strategy and design, it’s true, it’s not about you- it’s about your learner.

So when you set out to design your course, program or training, chances are, you are focused on your knowledge and the content. And this is great. This is exactly where you need to be at the outset of an educational design project.

You are the expert. You have so much wisdom and insight to share. And the way you put things, your content together is totally unique, which is why YOU are the perfect person to teach, mentor and guide your students and clients.

However, once you are fully marinated in your secret sauce of expertise and are really clear on the territory of your course, program or training, this is where it’s helpful to remember, once again, that designing a course, program or training is not about you.

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Why, you ask? Because, as one of my all time favorite she-roes, Zora Neale Hurston, once said, “you can’t see it, for wearin’ it.”

And this is precisely why elite achievers almost always have coaches, trainers or mentors. Think about it, elite athletes have trainers, business coaches have coaches, yogis have gurus/teachers, counselors have their own counselors etc. Why?

We all need help seeing the territory of our own inner & outer landscape clearly.

So once you are solid on the content of the territory of your educational project, what’s the next best move?

Try this:

  • Create space: Take a break; do something unrelated; go for a walk, etc.
  • Survey the landscape of your teaching territory with new eyes.
    • Enlist help: Ask a friend for feedback; send out a survey.
  • Find out where people get stuck and/or have aha moments
    • Reflect on your own journey; ask past students/clients.
  • Get professional help in educational strategy and design.

And then get to designing so that you can get your expertise out there! Because the world needs YOUR work. Just remember it’s not about you 🙂

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