Infrastructure of Shine

Consulting + Coaching Package

1:1 Infrastructure of Shine Consulting +Coaching Package

9 weeks of coaching +consulting to design + develop your Intellectual Content Project.

You are here to catalyze change in the world.

That’s why you’ve specifically decided to develop or reshape & improve your signature program: because this is your life’s work and you want to create transformational experiences for your clients .

A signature program is really important in the next level of your business, but to you, it’s even more than that.

A signature program is part of your vision and the way you make change. It’s the infrastructure for delivering your work and vision to a larger audience so you can make more of an impact…

That’s why I call this the infrastructure of shine.

It’s about calling and cash, visibility and vision, career and culture.

This is our coaching work together over the next 9 weeks. We’re going to define, design, develop (or, in some cases, redevelop) your signature program — from the course promise, to the overview, right down to the nitty-gritty content for each module, exercises, and assignments.

You do this so that you can take your business and vision to a larger audience, create transformational learning experiences for your students, and make more of the impact you’re called to create.

It’s all right there, in your head and your body of work…

(And, hopefully, changing lives.)

This is your life’s work.

And that’s the thing that makes you so good at what you do and will make your program an amazing contribution.

Paradoxically, it might also be the reason you’ve struggled to develop your signature program on your own.

Here’s how being really good at what you do can actually get in your way:

You know your thing so well that you get into flow and just intuitively do it when you’re 1:1 with your clients.

That’s mastery and you’ve got it.

But intuitive, automatic mastery — the kind that comes from years of doing this work and deep, in-the-bones knowledge — is tough to explain or teach to other people.

If you’ve been struggling to map out, formalize and organize your knowledge and method into modules and exercises that add up to a profound and catalytic experience for your people…

It’s not because you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s because you know it so well.

It’s nearly impossible to analyze your knowledge and dissect it into chunks like modules when you’re in flow — and that’s where you most often work: in flow.

That’s why it helps to work in partnership with a curriculum designer. I’ll ask you questions, you’ll go into flow, and I’ll be the analytical half of your brain, helping you put your mastery and flow into a program design, modules and exercises.

That’s how I coach you in developing the infrastructure of shine.

(aka your signature, transformative program)

When it comes to creating first-class curriculum for your programs and online courses, I have the expertise and skills to translate your in-person, in-flow genius to rock-solid curriculum.

I’m Dr. Megan Todd and I’m a professor and curriculum designer.

I coach transformational entrepreneurs like you in developing your signature program so that you’re life’s work has a vehicle to reach more people.

In other words, I help you shine and spread your important work in the world.

I work with the leaders, makers, coaches and creatives who are outstanding in their fields when they’re ready to get the courses and programs out of their heads and into the world.

I have both an academic background — I have a PhD and am Faculty at a major University- and have immersions in body work, health and wellness traditions.

What that means for you is that I have almost two decades of experience creating curriculums in formal academic and creative, artistic, activist, and health & wellness spaces both in-person and online — from yoga teacher trainings, to arts and social justice classes, popular culture(s) and dance history courses, Ayurveda courses, dance kinesiology and injury prevention, wellness, embodied knowledge + history, Pilates for dancers, Hip Hop Arts: Aesthetics & Culture (and so many more…).

Dr. Megan Todd midwifes creative ideas into form. She is an alchemist carrying both ends of the wand, meaning that she uniquely blends both art and technology, turning the ethereal into practical magic.

She has the capacity to take snippets of dreams and weave them into tangible reality. She listens deeply and hears the longing behind the words, thus bringing abstract ideas into visible form. I am so grateful for her fierce kindness. She doesn’t hold back in her truth telling and does so in a way that is playful, inviting and enlivens the conversation, which opens the door wider to view new perspectives, revealing the I’m Possible in what previously felt impossible.

She is truly an architect of destiny~ Your destiny. She is an advocate for your success, for bringing your brilliance forward into the world. If you have the opportunity to mentor with Megan run don’t walk into the fire of your own transformation. She will be with you every step of the way holding space for you to receive yourself and manifest your vision.

Mary Bruce

Master Yoga Teacher & Soul Artist

In this 9 week coaching package, I work 1:1 with you and help you take everything you know, organize it into a transformational educational experience for your students.

The goal is for it to be a transformational experience for you, too — because a signature course can transform your business and impact in the world.

Here’s How We Work Together:


8 60 minute sessions across 9 weeks


4 weekly sessions; 1 week of rest/integration; then we resume for another 4 weekly sessions (We work in 4 week sprints so you get a lot done, then we rest and integrate and then sprint again to the finish line)


Sessions are are recorded and I’ll share the recordings with you (some clients transcribe them because doing that means they can copy and paste our conversations into content that populates their modules and assignments)


I help you structure the course, and you fill in gaps with your deep knowledge. The collaborative nature of our work provides both structure, clarity and analysis to this flow-based process


Before we start meetings, I give you The Createbook that you complete before we start. This basically helps you download your brain and communicate your intent to me. I work with this material and analyze it before we get started, and I use it to start developing a framework or course spine that we then flesh out during our coaching container.


During our sessions, I ask you revealing questions that get you into flow, and then we capture what flows in our recordings and Google docs. I know you have all the material inside of you. My job is to use my years of curriculum design education and experience to be the analytical part of your brain and help you structure into a curriculum that is transformative.

You seek the coaching support of a curriculum designer so that you can turn your life’s work into a signature program that’s transformational — for both your students and your business (and hopefully, the world).

Our coaching work together helps you take your entire body of work and all the knowledge that lives inside of you and turn that into concrete modules, exercises, assignments and an overall program design that hangs together and adds up to something truly significant.

You do this work so that instead of spending a year trying to DIY this, you get it done in 9 weeks.

And you choose to do this in a collaborative, co-creative way (instead of just hiring me to do do it for you) so that you build the course-building capacities into yourself so you can repeat this process every time you have a vision to create a course or program that works.

You are here to catalyze beautiful change in the world. That’s what your signature program helps you do — and that’s our coaching work together is designed to produce: an incredible, transformative signature program.

Let’s build your infrastructure of shine, together, in the next 9 weeks.

Investment: $7500

PS If you’d connect and think this through with me, let’s talk.

PPS For every three clients I take on, I reach out to organizations who support arts, wellness and social justice and offer pro-bono services. If you’ve got an organization I should consider, I’d appreciate the connection!

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