Your Foundational

Program Promise

Lay the foundation for a stellar signature program so you can started building it.


Ready to Start Developing Your Signature Program?

Defining your Foundational Program Promise is the very first step in developing your course infrastructure. (You know, your infrastructure of shine!) Your Foundational Program Promise gives your customers a compelling reason to buy your signature program — so you need to be able to articulate it, everywhere.

In other words, it becomes the basis for the marketing message you’ll use to sell the course.

Also compellingly important: your Foundational Program Promise laser-focuses you on what you need to create & build out so that you can deliver on your promise.

In other words, identifying your Foundational Program Promise gives you a strategic course-creation plan that includes a high-level course outline… …and that means you’re now ready to deliberately build out your brilliant signature program. Once we’ve got your Foundational Program Promise identified, we’ll map out which modules you’ll need to construct to deliver on that promise to your students.

This is literally where you start when you’re building a program.

(If you build a house without laying a foundation, for example, there’s trouble ahead…) The biggest benefit, in terms of your internal business and creative flow, is that once you’ve defined your Foundational Program Promise, you move quickly and deliberately forward through course creation.

Instead of cycling around and around in the creative cul-de-sac of what the program could be, you already have a plan for what needs to be created… …so you just get to work filling in the blanks. It eliminates a lot of wondering and trial-and-error and decision fatigue.

Defining your Foundational Program Promise also distills your enormous body of knowledge into your program essentials — rather than going overboard and including everything plus the kitchen sink.

And that, in turn, helps you offer a lean, elegant, effective course in which your students can make significant progress (an overstuffed course produces overwhelm and that’s a recipe for failure for your student — and for you as a business owner.

It also helps eliminate Shiny Object Syndrome for you when you’re in course-creation mode because it defines the boundaries of your program (boundaries are magic in EVERY arena of your life, including your signature program) This ensures you don’t stray from the heart of your course, your training objectives, and what your student is actually seeking to learn.

Identifying your Foundational Program Promise means that you’re ready to get to work developing a course that delivers.

You construct a deliberate rather than haphazard learning experience so that your students stay engaged (rather than getting overwhelmed and dropping out); stay in momentum; and learn exactly what they need to know and what you promised them.

And that’s what we work on together in this 90 minute strategic overview session.

In this session, I draw upon my instructional design experience and decades of academic research and application in experiential learning to help you define your Foundational Program Promise.

Then we map out the course outline that will help you deliver on that promise. At the end of the session, you’ll have a roadmap for building out your course — and that means you can get started on your course-creation project right away.

You’ll avoid getting stuck in the floundering-and-figuring-it-out part of the journey and move directly into developing the content for your signature program — one that delivers on its promise to your students.

Investment: $397

Megan came highly recommended and she over delivered every step of the way!

As a teacher and thought leader in the on-line space I needed structure and support for creating powerful programs. Megan’s organized, strategic and intuitive process merged with my vision and passion to create a cohesive, streamlined curriculum that boosted my confidence and reach. She’s a gem, who gets things done!

Sarah Hutchinson R.N. E-RYT-500

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

If this sounds like what you need, here’s how it works:


Once you sign up and pick a date, I will send you a pre-session questionnaire to fill out before we meet


We will meet on Zoom or Skype


Together we will define your foundational program promise


Next, we’ll develop your outline that will help you deliver on your promise


Afterwards I will send you a recording so you can go back and review our session

To ensure that we stay focused and accomplished (and so that we don’t bite off more than we can chew in 90 minutes) here’s what’s we will NOT do in this session:


We will not define the internals of each module (that’s a bigger project, comprehensive program design, and we could take that on later in a longer-term coaching program or mastermind)


We will not identify or flesh-out specific learning exercises and activities (that’s a project in and of itself and can take place in a longer term engagement)


We will not focus on mapping out all your courses or programs — instead, we will focus on one program and identify the Foundational Program Promise and Course Outline for that and that alone


We will not develop course content (but again, we can do this kind of work in a longer engagement)


We will not develop a launch plan or marketing campaign — that’s the work of a marketing team and out of scope for my practice

If this sounds like what you need to see your Signature Program with clarity:

Investment: $397

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