About Megan

About Megan

You are here to catalyze beautiful change in the world.

Me, too.

And helping you develop, organize and build your signature program so that you can create transformational experiences for your clients is how I do that.

I’m Dr. Megan Todd and I’m an Intellectual Content Designer + Educational Strategist I help you shine and spread your great work in the world.

I literally think about courses like they’re infrastructure in your business and vision…

…they’re the infrastructure of shine.

I work with the leaders, makers, coaches and creatives who are outstanding in their fields when they’re ready to get the courses and programs out of their heads and into the world.

Here’s how being really good at what you do can actually get in your way:

You know your thing so well that you get into flow and just intuitively do it when you’re 1:1 with your clients.

That’s mastery and you’ve got it.

But intuitive, automatic mastery is tough to explain or teach to other people.

Which might be why you struggle to map out, formalize and organize your knowledge and method into modules and exercises that add up to a profound and catalytic experience for your people.

That’s where I can help you develop the infrastructure of shine (aka your signature, transformative program)

When it comes to creating first-class curriculum for your programs and online courses, I have the expertise and skills to translate your in-person genius to rock-solid curriculum.

I have both an academic background — I have a PhD and am Faculty at a major University- and have immersions in body work, health and wellness traditions.

What that means for you is that I have almost two decades of experience creating curriculums in formal academic and creative, artistic, activist, and health & wellness spaces both in-person and online.

From yoga teacher trainings, to arts and social justice classes, popular culture(s) and dance history courses, Ayurveda courses, dance kinesiology and injury prevention, wellness, embodied knowledge + history, Pilates for dancers, Hip Hop Arts: Aesthetics & Culture (and so many more…).

Here’s what got me ready to help you design your course curriculum:

I have a Ph.D, M.S. and B.A. and am faculty at a major University, so I’m designing curriculum and facilitating knowledge and skill-building on a daily basis.
I have a certification in Quality Matters: Online Course Design & Peer Review, which means I’m trained in how to construct high-quality, effective online courses.
I am also a Master Practitioner of Massage; a Licensed Massage Therapist; an eRYT 500 Yoga Alliance; am Stott Pilates trained; am a Selective Functional Movement Assessment Practitioner; and a Kinesio Taping Practitioner  – and what that loooooonng list of qualifications means is that if you have a health, wellness or body-focused practice, I am uniquely equipped to help you translate that into a formal course.
Personally speaking, my passions and fields of study are dance & social justice, embodiment and mindfulness. I am committed to exploring the intersection between individual and bodily experience and the systems and structures that we move in and through — and changing them. So if your work contributes to social change, I intimately understand its importance and how to present it so that your students can be personally and politically transformed by it.
All of this means that I’ve got the deep training and practical, course-building experience necessary to guide you through your course construction…

…with more ease AND in a fraction of the time it would take you to DIY it.

AND your course will end up being better than you ever imagined.

I don’t just want you to have a course because it’s an item to cross off your to-do list.

I want your work to matter.

I want you to create a really transformative learning experience for the people you’re committed to.

I want you to be known for this course and your work and it’s extraordinary impact in our world.

Bonus: if you are interested in applying your course or program to meet your professional industry standards for certification, such as becoming a CEU provider, a Registered Yoga school and the like, I will formulate the curriculum to alchemize your course goals to align with the standards in your industry.

My personal goal is to help you, as a leader, build the infrastructure you need — your signature, transformational course — to grow your impact in your business and create change in our communities.

That’s developing the infrastructure of shine.

And that’s our work, together.

I work with the dreamers. The do-ers. The changemakers. The artists and the healers and coaches who are intervening in our culture and bending this moral arc of ours towards justice.

And your signature, transformational course is one of the ways you do more of that — one extraordinary course and catalyzed student at a time.

If you’re looking for resources to help think your course through, please check out my blog and sign up for my twice-a-month newsletter.

When you’re ready to start putting your transformational, signature program together, I can help you do that.

Thanks for being here.

With the audacity to love, dream + bend the Arc.

“Megan came highly recommended and she over delivered every step of the way!  

As a teacher and thought leader in the on-line space I needed  structure and support for creating powerful programs.  Megan’s organized, strategic and intuitive process merged with my vision and passion to create a cohesive, streamlined curriculum that boosted my confidence and reach. She’s a gem, who gets things done!”
Sarah Hutchinson R.N. E-RYT-500

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

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